The touristic and ski resort “MIGOVO” is situated at an altitude of 500 meters above sea level, at the foot of the picturesque mountains Kychera and Stizhok of the Carpathians mountain range (800m above sea level). The health resort Soloneti, known for its mineral waters, is situated nearby. The mountain lake Maidan and the river Myhivca, which are close to the resort, create a unique beauty of the Carpathian landscape.

The touristic complex “Migovo” is distinguished for its location among the mountains and its short distance from the Chernivtsi city center (60 km).

The main benefits of the “MIGOVO” complex are:

  • Attractive prices.

When comparing the prices, you will see that we offer better services at lower prices than other complexes.

  • It is very compact.

The general distance between the hotels, restaurants and other buildings of the infrastructure is no longer than 150m.

Because its location is not far from the city center, a lot of services, including hospitals, are available.

  • Affordable food prices.

There are a lot of restaurants, pizzerias and food stores on the territory.